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Adjustable Midgard wall light

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The Midgard lights were designed by Curt Fisher in the 1920s to improve the illumination of the work places in his own factory. The Bauhaus master craftsmen soon perceived the ingenious design and superb quality of these work and desk lights and furnished not only the Bauhaus workshops with them, but also their private homes. The Midgard lights thus became an inspiration to Bauhaus designers and students such as Christian Dell or Marianne Brandt.

This light No. 116 is a special and correspondingly rare version of the „standard“ No. 115 with the retractable scissor movement and the curved arm made out of polished brass (instead of the standard iron). The shade is made of aluminium with a dark green matt finish, the switch is made of white porcelain.

Perfect working condition: Supplied renewed with 2m (from wall fastening to plug) of traditional brown braided (textile) cable. E27 socket.

Design: Curt Fischer, ca. 1925 Producer: Industriewerk Auma Ronneberger & Fischer, Germany Branded: „DRGM DRP Ausl.Pat.“ and Midgard „sun-brand“

Dimensions:diameter(shade): 17cm length: 110 cm height(wall fastening): 39cm


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