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€1650 + tax

The work comprises a naturally mummified squirrel in a glass case – actually an old medical cabinet built in about 1930 and sourced from a chemist's shop. The case consists of a soft-soldered brass frame with glass doors. However, the panes of glass at the sides and the rear panel made out of white cased glass have been added since to give the impression of a sterile hospital atmosphere. The expressive, very well preserved squirrel mummy in a natural, lifelike pose with the remains of its red fur is fixed to the cased glass rear wall by two cannulae. The squirrel is displayed on a stand consisting of an ear speculum and a cannula positioned loosely in the glass case.

Dimensions:height: 35,5cm (14'')
width: 25,5cm (10'')
depth: 16,5cm (6,5'')