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Round table with glass top

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We have assembled this extraordinary table out of a number of fascinating industrial relics. The base was once the flywheel of an elevator in the magnificent exhibition building Oelssners Hof in Leipzig. The pillar supporting the tabletop used to be a stop valve used in the water supply system at East German processed food company VEB Feinkost.

The glass tabletop is 1cm (3/8" inch) thick and has been ground at the edge. It rests on an antique flywheel from what was once the biggest industrial mill in Europe – Zipperer Mill near Leipzig. All the metal parts have been sandblasted, brushed and treated with hard wax oil, while the wooden parts have been sanded and oiled.

Dimensions:height: 77,5cm (30.5")
diameter: 116cm (45.7")

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