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Theatre spotlight

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This theatre spotlight was made in the 1950s in East Berlin by the state-owned manufacturer VEB Leuchtenbau. Note that this is by no means the original stand, which has actually been taken from a hood dryer also dating back to the 1950s. The wheeled base is made out of polished aluminium while the stand's shaft consists of newly chrome-plated steel and polished stain steel. The spotlight itself is made out of polished steel with a colourless and black powder-coated finish. The E27 socket is suitable for both conventional and energy-saving light bulbs. The wiring has been replaced and fitted with black cotton-insulated wire.

Dimensions:height: 155cm (61'') - 235cm (92,5'')
width: 26cm (10,2'')
depth: 50cm (19,7'')

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