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Theatre spotlight on cast iron stand

sold + tax

We have several of these spotlights which hail from the USA. We actually purchased them from a musician in Mannheim, who told us he sourced them from US Army barracks in West Germany when they were closed down. Although we can’t verify his story, we do know that they don’t match any known European models, so we think we can trust him!

Since they didn’t come with stands, we’ve mounted the spotlights on stands that we built ourselves from large cogs and axles. They’ve been sandblasted, partly powder-coated in black, partly brushed, and waxed to protect them against corrosion.

Additional items:
Rare Bakelit shade with porcelain dome
Railroad clock

Dimensions:diameter: 38cm (15'')
height: 167cm (65.7")
depth (spot corpus): 41cm (16.1")

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