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Transportable safe

€1200 + tax

This safe weighting in at some 250kg yet still transportable dates back to pre-war times. Featuring triple locking, it was made by the company F.E.Baum and used in a ball-bearing factory in the city of Chemnitz. We’ve sandblasted, brushed and waxed it. The position of the two shelves inside can be adjusted as required.

Since the safe was locked when it was discovered – and as safe-breaking isn’t one of our talents! – we commissioned a professional team of specialists to open it. The lock was dismantled, and the individual components were brushed clean and reassembled. The safe’s locking system may be old, but it’s utterly secure! Two keys have been made, including one from an antique blank.

Additional items:
Adjustable Midgard scissor lamp
Cast-iron workshop stool
Art prints by Sebastian Gögel

Dimensions:height: 125,5cm (49,4'')
width: 58cm (22,8'')
depth: 45cm (17,7'')

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