lost engine shedEHS1 @ Ziegeleipark Mildenbergcages

Extra-small conical, re-polished caged lamp

sold + tax

The smaller, very rare version of the EXH1 types made in Eastern Germany. These lamps were used in transformer stations, on tank farms and in other buildings containing hazardous materials. Featuring an elaborate splash-proof design, these lamps comprise die-cast aluminium casing fitted with heatproof, pressure-resistant safety glass and a steel protective cage. The E27 ceramic socket inside is spring-mounted to protect the bulb from sharp knocks. To recondition these lamps, the body and cage have been finely sandblasted and re-polished. Note that their original glass can shows authentic traces of hot metal fragments. Regrettably, we are unable to find large quantities.

Dimensions:height 27.5 cm (10.8") | diameter 16 cm (6.3")


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